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Russian Educational Center is a member of the group of companies of  “VESTNIK KIPRA” (License “Ap. Φak.” issued by the Ministry of Culture and Education of Republic of Cyprus).
For 4 years of successful work it has worked out  40 educational programs. More than 400 students of different ages including students of schools and personnel of many international companies graduated from our Center.
Russian Educational Center invites you  to a course:  “Russian language for foreigners”.
Study in our Center – a unique opportunity of  learning the Russian language quickly and effectively. We will help you to speak the Russian language correctly and with grammatical correctness.

Our advantages:
  • Highly skilled teachers from  leading Russian institutes;
  • Unique methods of teaching;
  • Individual approach  in consideration of the level of knowledge and interests;
  • Flexible schedule of lessons in the classrooms of our Center or in your office;
  • Intensive language practice;
  • Standard pattern certificate.

You may start your study from the beginning or improve your knowledge and pronouncation, acquire skills in fluent speech, polish up language and  absorb Russian business lexis.
Our teachers guarantee fine results!
We recommend our next programmes:
“Russian express”
40 lessons per 2 hours - and you can read, write and know more than 300 expressions. In spite of the big amount of information you will digest it easy and effective.
Intensive study for  our corporate clients. We work out special programmes  in consideration of the level of knowledge and interests. Our purpose is to help different specialists to attain professional success by way of  improving Russian language.

Individual program for beginners 

 “Grammar is a part of the general language phenomenon thus
 demonstrating with its rules the way language should be used.”
M.V.Lomonosov “Russian Grammar”
This program consist of a lexical and grammatical parts, both of which focus on teaching
students how to speak and read, everyday spoken Russian. The content and volume of materials
of this course meet the Russian government s educational standard for teaching Russian as
foreign language .
The purpose of this course for beginners is aimed to teach to hear and pronounce Russian
words correctly, observing an accent and rhythmic of a word; To use a correct intonation in order
to make statements in Russian; to be phonetically correct, while reading words, sentences, texts;
to write words, sentences and texts in Russian letters.      
The material for study is presented in dialogical and monological text, in various language,
speech and actually communicative exercises, and also in tables. While doing exercises, students
will learn to talk on everyday topics, to read texts, actual for everyday life and socio-cultural
spheres of dialogue and to understand such texts read aloud by a native Russian speaker.
This course is a sound basis for further Russian studies and for the development and improvement
of speaking skills, when more difficult texts containing more complicated grammar and vocabulary
 are used.

Part 1. Learning to speak and read Russian

Vowels. Hard consonants. Soft consonant.
Reduction of vowels.
Devocalization of voiced consonants.
Accent in two & three-syllable words.
Part 2. Study to understand grammar

Animate & inanimate nouns.
Gender of nouns.
The plural of nouns.
The gender of nouns.
The possessive pronouns.
The verbs.
The present tense.
The past tense.
The future tense.
1st & 2nd conjugation of verbs
Verbs of motion
Unprefixed, Prefixed verbs 
Reflexive verbs
Verb aspects. Principal meanings of perfective and imperfective verbs
Indication of quantity, measure.

Complex sentences containing the conjunctions and congunctive words.
Direct and indirect speech.
Sentences containing participial and verbal adverbal constructions

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