Dear user, this section will familiarize you with all the necessary information to place ads on our website. Please note that all your ads are first will be tested by our moderators, and only then become available to all users of our website.

Language of adverts is russian. You can send us an advert in english and we will translate it in russian for additional fee of 3 euro.

Just a few steps and your ad is already posted and waiting for applicants:

STEP 1. Press "Подать бесплатное объявление"

Step 2. If you are already registered on our website, enter your username and password. If you still haven’t an account on our website, choose section "Еще нет учетной записи?" under "Войти" button. Fill in the proposed fields and after a successful registration, you will receive the message, which contains information about your account (login, password) and the link to activate it, click on the link and come back to our website and fill in login and password links.

STEP 3. We see the opened window for feeding the ads.

-fill the title, most succinctly and briefly (approx. For rent 2-bedroom apartment, Limassol).

-Next, select the appropriate category and if it is applied, then subcategory also (approx. Category: Real Estate, nested categories: rent).

-Choose who you are, that is, the seller or the agent, unless you are the seller and not an agent, choose "другое".

-Depending on the category of your ad, will be offered more details (not for all categories), such as real estate, it's versions of "furnished" or "no furnished", select additional information and enter the price in euros.

-Choose the right label for your ad, if you give an apartment for rent, mark "lease", if you are looking for an apartment to rent choose the mark "seeking" and so on.

-Fill in to the section "description", all the necessary information related to your advertising. Pay attention to the restriction of characters, so the description should be as concise (approx. For rent 2 bedroom apartment in excellent condition, Papas area, near the bakery Zigma, Limassol. Furnished, has private parking, common expenses included).

STEP 4. Under the last line of "Description", find and select the following section "Media". This section provides the ability to link to a video about your product on Youtube, and to add photos. It is important to add photos to the product, then the advertising works better, in case if you do not add your own photo, the moderator will be forced to add a picture to your advert on his personal view. It is important that when you are submitting free classifieds, the first picture you are adding will be automatically selected as title photo. Then click on icon "select the file", you need to select a photo, if you want to add additional photo press "Add new image" we get another window with the icon "select file" to add the following photos.

Step 5. Select the section "Contact details".

-This is an optional, but very handy string when selling real estate or advertising services, showrooms and service centers, "Address", fill it and move on to the next.

-Select the "countryside" (city, district) in which you are selling or promoting your product.

-The string "postcode" is also optional, but it helps when you search on Google Maps.

-Be sure to include your phone number for feedback.

-If necessary, on the interactive map indicate the approximate location of your product.


Step 6. The section "Post Ads".

Our site offers the opportunity to place an ad, as follows:
1) 1 free ad: allows you to place one ad, for a period of 30 days. The number of characters: allowed 170 characters. The number of photos added: 1foto.
2) Bronze Plan: allows you to place one ad, for a period of 14 days. Increased the number of characters allowed: 340 characters. Increased the number of photos added: up to 4 photos.
The cost of the Bronze Plan - 15 euro.
3) Gold Plan: Allows you to place one ad, for a period of 30 days. Increased the number of characters allowed: 340 characters. Increased the number of photos added: up to 4 photos.
The cost of gold Plan - 25 euro.
You can distinguish your ad from the rest by an «urgent» ad type:
Your ad will be marked with a "Срочное" and will be predominantly displayed when you refresh the page. Also, it will be posted in an interactive banner on the main page.
Cost allocation ads "Urgent" - 10 euro.

Please note that with the purchase of any of packages its additional functions become available after the submission of ads in your personal account using editing ads. It means that when placing the ad you choose a suitable plan at this time you still can load only one photo and the number of characters is limited (170 characters). After you have selected any other plan than "1 free ad" and pay for it, you choose "send advertising" and after the delivery the possibility of adding symbols and photos is available in your personal office in editing the ad, depending on which package you choose.
For more information, contact us using the form «Contact us».


Our company does not accept any liability for services provided by advertisers.